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Help Reduce Rats In The Plymouth Area

Recently we have had a sudden surge of phone calls around the Plymouth area concerning Rats.

Why I hear you ask?

Well their are a number of factors but the main one has to be food waste e.g the bins, If you go on most back streets in Plymouth all you can see are split bin bags over filled bins and just generally one massive mess. As you may of guessed this is rat heaven because of the unlimited food source to the rats but this is not the only pest which will be attracted by the messy bins you also will have mice, also in the summer time the ants will also be attracted. oh and don't forget the wasps.

How to help prevent the amount of rats in the Plymouth area

First thing first make sure you don't have any overflowing bins and all the rubbish is in the bins provided by Plymouth council. If your bags overflow order some more bins here. Also don't leave them out over night because the rats are most active at night this will reduce the food source. Next in your garden make sure you have no hiding places eg overgrown hedges gaps behind sheds in-between the wall. Obviously keeping your back yard or garden tidy will help reduce living space for the rats because they don't like being out in the open unless they have to. If you want any other tips why not get in contact with us Plymouth Pest Control will be happy to help.

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