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First Wasp Nest Of 2019!

On the 20th of April Plymouth Pest Control got called out as a customer was enjoying the gorgeous bank holiday weather and then they discovered a wasp nest in their shed. at first the customer told me they was not sure what it was as they have never seen any thing like it before. as you do these days we go straight to the internet. thats exactly what they did. after some research they knew it was a wasp nest then they found us on the internet and gave us a call and we was their within the hour, quick and easy.

When queen wasps come out from winter hibernation, their mission is to find a suitable place to build their new nest around this time of year, so acting upon it early as possible is the best way to stop the nest from growing and growing. their favoured locations are sheds, lofts and holes in the ground.

the queen wasp needs fresh wood which she chews and mixes with saliva to create a papier mache like material. if you start to notice small white lines on fence panels or sheds, it is a sign that a wasp nest is not far away. want to know more about wasps check out our website

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